My work focuses on creating immersive installations in post-industrial landscapes. Over the past decade, I have documented and researched abandoned quarries in Vermont and most recently, Tennessee. Amid the ruins of these dormant landscapes lies the cultural heritage of our industrial past. As nature reclaims what man once created, it retains a sublime beauty all its own.

I am interested in abandoned quarries as a site for installations because it acts as a natural amphitheater. Through the use of image, light and sound the viewer experiences the quarry when it was once active. The content of the work examines what is not usually considered when looking at these sites. It considers the public and private narrative of the people that worked in the quarries.

My body of work includes a collection of mixed media-prints and sculpture that are products of the research used to create the final installation. The prints are inspired by the material collected while mapping the quarry. They layer both past and present. The Quarry Project – Tennesee prints are litho monoprints made from a slab of TN pink marble, a series created in collaboration with master printer, Beauvais Lyons. The Quarry Project – Vermont prints combine printmaking and photographic processes – etching, chine colle, silkscreen and cyanotype – placing one on top of the other. I use marble dust, maps, archival images of the quarry, my own photographs and sketches of the quarry to create the compositions. Archival images are courtesy of the McClung Historical Collection in the Knoxville Library, Knoxville, TN and the Vermont Marble Museum in Proctor, VT.