Space Gallery Illuminated Manuscript copyLIGHT IN THE DARK

Space Gallery, Portland, Maine

Illuminated Manuscript is a light sculpture that displays the 3-D poem/song written with hair on silk from the tent performances.  Projection Theatre, is a monolithic sculpture with a video projection through a round lens. 

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Baxter Window Detail copySCRIPT NYC.01

Baxter Library, Portland, ME

International Center, NY, NY

Text is projected onto a scaffold screen in front of empty book shelves in a library. Another video loop, Lip Sync plays on a monitor creating a cacophony of urban sound in response to the events of 9/11. Native Lip Syc was added to the International Center exhibition.

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Brunswick to Harbin, image for installation thumbBRUNSWICK TO HARBIN

Intervals, Fort Andross, Brunswick, Maine

  1. Multi-media installation, 2007, 12’x7’x5′

Explores the past of Fort Andross in Brunswick, ME as a textile mill. The installation consists of six scrolls of fabric suspended from antique wooden bobbins that are immersed in the sound of weaving looms. Each scroll contains the image of a textile factory in Harbin, China taken by the artist. The same environmental hazards once faced by the American industry are experienced in China today.

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5 Fe dress ex copyYIELD

Fe Gallery, Pittsburg, PA

This installation examines the fine line between what is public and what is private. A dress with text  & porcelain silk flowers hang in the window of the gallery. Inside the gallery a monitor plays a single 22 min. loop of Yield projected onto a stage of chiffon curtains. Music is composed by Judd Mulkerin to the rhythm of the artist’s heartbeat.

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MCA Untitled Overview copyDESIRE, a Baroque Still Life

Maine College of Art, Portland, ME

This muti-media installation examines  life, desire and death. It plays on the notion of Natura Morta – real sod, fruit and chocolate permeated the gallery environment. An ultra sound of a heartbeat is heard, and a sleep performance was conducted and documented on the sod bed.

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