Part 1

Quarry Project – Maine, is a work-in-progress. Mapping the Maine granite quarries focuses on the island regions along the eastern coastline. The geography of Maine includes a vast web of rivers that feeds into the Atlantic Ocean. The stone industry was matched by a growing textile industry. Exploring these ruins raised questions about women and labor, and their contribution to industrial history in Maine. This led to the use of textiles and pattern in architectural settings. This project was funded in part by a Maine Arts Commission Project Grant for Artists.

Part 2

As a result of the pandemic and the inability to continue field work, my work focused on my interior space. Daily drawings of woven textiles, rich with ethnic patterns, and watercolors of exterior landscapes inspired a new body of silkscreen prints. The color rich silkscreen prints were deconstructed, decoded and rewoven. In addition, the same process was applied to the watercolor studies. The silkscreens and watercolors are woven together addressing the question of our individual life (microcosm) in relationship to the larger world (macrocosm).